COVID-19 SP Preparedness Statement

November 8, 2021

SP Covid-19 Guidelines

Dear SP Customers and Business Partners,

Maintaining a safe workplace for our team members and guests is of greatest importance to SP. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, SP has implemented the necessary accommodations and as an essential business remained fully operational serving our customers. We are proud of how our team members responded during this difficult time and continue to follow the guidance set forth in each local area and country where we operate.

Following this guidance our sales and service teams as well as other personnel are now traveling where necessary and safe. Additionally, with enhanced health and safety protocols very much the norm, we welcome customers and other business partners back to our facilities for FATs and other pertinent business. While we will continue to offer virtual training options, we have also resumed our Hands-on Training events.

Prior to any scheduled visit please make sure that you coordinate with your SP contact to learn of any current protocols and restrictions that may be in place at a specific facility. And, as always, we ask that if you are running a fever or not feeling well, you protect yourself and others by rescheduling your visit.

Thank you for your cooperation. We look forward to emerging from this current challenge a stronger global community, forever changed but unyielding in our commitment to utilize technology and science to create a better world.

Many have been personally impacted and even devastated by the health and economic challenges brought forth with this pandemic, including SP employees. We grieve their losses and as a team we remain committed to doing our part to help bring it to an end.

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