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Lyophilization Training Programs

Lyophilization Training Programs

Become an expert with our freeze dryer training and education courses. Whether you want to increase your production unit operation and management confidence, maximize your return on investment, or reduce running errors, we have the training for you. From hands-on training to fully remote, find the format that suits the unique lyophilization learning needs of you and your team.

Our expert training team are able to discuss your particular requirements further or you can submit your request for our Remote Training, Hands-On Training and Freeze Dryer Systems training packages.



Free monthly online seminar series presented by thought leaders in the lyophilization industry discussing the latest trends, technologies, and developments in freeze-drying science. Register for upcoming live sessions, which include the opportunity for Q&A, and explore our on-demand archive of recorded past events.


Optimizing workflow is essential to your success and our products enable reliable results and faster throughput. Check out our application-focused approach to ensure our solutions meet your specific needs from research, to sampling, to quality control.

How-To Video Guides

From lyophilization to evaporation, find our easy to follow, step-by-step best practice videos to help guide you through selected equipment installations.

LyoTool – Lyophilization Dictionary

Perplexed by all the lyophilization jargon? Clarify key terms and important concepts quickly with our lyophilization dictionary.

Download Lyophilization Dictionary

LyoTool – Vapor Pressure Over Ice Chart

If you need to determine an appropriate pressure for freeze-drying at specific temperatures, look no further! Quickly scan our vapor pressure over ice chart, determine the appropriate pressure, and quickly convert between pressure units.

Download Vapor Pressure Over Ice Chart

Articles, Tech Notes & White Papers

Keep up to date with the latest scientific developments, techniques and procedures with our broad range of tech notes and white papers. Many are provided together with our associates, consultants, industry experts and clients to present fundamental information across our wide range of SP products including freeze-drying, fill-finish and evaporation.

Articles & Tech Notes         White Papers

Lyophilization Partners

Do you have an issue or concern regarding lyophilization? Or do you just need additional expertise and assistance for your business? Whether you’re at scale-up, pilot, or production stage our lyophilization consultants and partners have you covered. From off-the-shelf freeze dryers to pilot and production scale, download our guide to Lyophilization Partners to find the right support for your business needs.

Please note: Not all consultants detailed are commercially affiliated with SP.

Download Lyophilization Partners Guide

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