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SP Hull LyoConstellation S80/S100/S130 Production Lyophilizers

Finding the right lyophilizer for your fill-finish workflow can be troublesome and time-consuming. Handle high-value API’s safely and efficiently with our range of SP Hull LyoConstellation™ Production Lyophilizers - specifically designed for aseptic operation. With a comprehensive range of options including controlled ice nucleation, fluid condenser cooling and more, we’ve done the hard work, so you don’t have to.

  • Get to market faster - optional SP Hull Row-by-Row (RxR-36) loading system for high throughput
  • Integrate with ease - compatible with SP i-Dositecno filling line and automatic loading system
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Our SP Hull LyoConstellation™ S80, S100 and S130 Production Lyophilizers build on SP’s reputation as a pioneer of freeze-drying technologies. Equipped and controlled as a production system, the LyoConstellation offers a seamless approach to scale-up while being designed for line integration. If time is not on your side, rest assured that our lyophilizers are ready to order - for faster than average market delivery.
Built for demanding lyophilization needs - Each of our units can accommodate vials up to 100 mL. You can therefore develop the most aggressive of freeze-drying cycles safe in the knowledge that you’re using a lyophilizer that works with you. 
State-of-the-art lyophilization technologies - To help you overcome the mounting challenges when scaling up your lyophilization processes for development, all SP Hull LyoConstellation™ Production Lyophilizers are compatible with our Line of Sight™ suite of scalable lyophilization tools that incorporate Process Analytical Technologies (PAT) to automate, control, and support the lyophilization process. This guarantees efficiency, quality and consistency throughout the entire fill-finish process.

SP's Line of Sight PAT Tools:

LyoFlux® TDLAS
Let the data guide you! Measure water vapor mass flow with accuracy during freeze-drying

SMART™ Freeze Dryer Technology
No hesitation - get instant feedback on important product data including resistance, heat flow, and mass transfer

TEMPRIS® Wireless Sensors
Advanced wireless temperature monitoring for the highest quality product - on budget and on time

ControLyo® Nucleation Technology
Take control of your freeze-drying with cutting-edge nucleation technology - for precise control of the freezing point

SP Hull LyoConstellation™ Production Lyophilizer models:

Shelf area of 8 m²
7 shelves

Shelf area of 10 m²
9 shelves

Shelf size of 13 m²
12 shelves

Please note: Our SP Hull LyoConstellation™ Pilot Lyophilizers also come with 5, 6 and 8 shelves if you need a lower throughput solution

Application Examples

  • Therapeutic Proteins
  • ADC Production for Clinical Trials
  • Medium Batch Production for Compounding Pharmacies and Pharma, Including CMO and CRO
  • Diagnostics

Additional Details

Features & Benefits

  • Adaptable to your needs – configurable with SP i-Dositecno filling lines and automatic loading system
  • Range of telemetry options to fit Line of Sight™ approach - enabling easy transfer of cycles
  • No room for error - unmatched process accuracy and reliability
  • Full suite of PAT tools and technologies enables a Line of Sight approach in cycle development and scale-up for easiest technology transfer, assuring product safety and quality in production
  • Accurate end points - Pirani gauge and capacitance manometer as standard
  • Full Steam in Place (SIP) & Clean in Place (CIP) execution with manual/H2O2 option

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